The Mrs. Mustachio Gift Box


When it comes to mustaches, why should men have all the fun? This gift box pays homage to lip hair with items like Dapper Duck lip balm, the Mustache Elixir energy drink, and mustache-shaped candy. And because they're ladies even with fake mustaches this box comes with a pair of pink mustache-themed socks, too.


The gift box contains:

* Pink Women’s Mustache Socks: 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex.
* Dapper Duck Lip Balm:Very Dapper Duck shaped lip balm pot filled with moisturing and nourishing lip balm. Fine and dandy!
* Mustache Bandages: Latex-free mustache, adhesive bandages with sterile gauze and a FREE PRIZE to take your mind off of the excruciating pain
*Mustache Candy: 6" long tin contains about seventy-five, mustache-shaped candies.
* Beard & Mustache Lollipops
* Old School Edible Wax Mustache: Remember these from when you were a kid? (If you’re still a kid: remember these from right now?) Mr. Stache's Wax Mustache is back. Edible and grape flavored.
*Mustache Elixir Energy Drink: Each 8.4 oz can is filled with enough energy to keep your ‘stache sprung. Cherry flavor.
*Mustache-Shaped Tin of Mints
*I Love Mustache Mints
*Gummy Mustache Candy: Orange, raspberry, cola and lemon flavors. Fat-free.

From time to time we may need to substitute an item (or a few) in one of our gift boxes. Any substitutions will be of equal of greater value and will embody the clever or unique vibe of that gift box.