The Mr. Mustachio Gift Box


Movember ‰ÛÒ love it or hate it, you're sure to have a friend who participates. Get him this gift box that pays homage to lip hair with items like the Mustache Switchblade comb, the Mustache Elixir energy drink, and mustache-shaped candy. It also comes with the manliest old-school essential ever made: mustache-themed argyle socks.

This gift box contains:

*åÊMen‰۪s Argyle Mustache Socks:75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex. Approximately fits men's shoe 7-13.åÊ
*åÊMustache Bandages:åÊLatex-free mustache, adhesive bandages with sterile gauze and a FREE PRIZE to take your mind off of the excruciating pain.
*Mustache Candy:åÊ6" long tin contains about seventy-five, mustache-shaped candies.
*3 Delicious Beard & Mustache Lollipops
*åÊOld School Edible Wax Mustache: Remember these from when you were a kid? (If you‰۪re still a kid: remember these from right now?) Mr. Stache's Wax Mustache is back. Edible and grape flavored
*Mustache Switchblade Comb:åÊMustache management has never looked so cool.åÊ
*Mustache Elixir Energy Drink: Each 8.4 oz can is filled with enough energy to keep your ‰Û÷stache sprung. Cherry flavor.
*Mustache Mints: Each handsome ‰Û÷stache tin is filled with 0.6 oz of peppermints.
*I Love Mustache Mints
*Gummy Mustache Candy: Orange, raspberry, cola and lemon flavors. Fat-free.