The Mr. Mustachio Gift Box


We mustache you a question. Do you have a friend with a ‘stache that brings all the girls to the yard? If so, you’ll want to surprise him with The Mr. Mustachio Gift Box. This gift box pays homage to his urbane upper lipholstery.

  • Men’s Argyle Mustache Socks (75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex. Approximately fits men’s shoe 7-13): Hey, if you can’t grow one on your face, wear some on your feet!
  • Mustache Bandages and a FREE Prize: A mustache makes anything look better, especially boo-boos
  • Mustache Candy: Sweet treats for mustache inspiration
  • 3 Delicious Beard & Mustache Lollipops: While you’re enjoying these tasty treats, you may be inspired to grow a handlebar mustache or a Poseidon beard
  • Old School Edible Wax Mustache: This wax mustache is perfect for the person too impatient to wait for their mustache to grow
  • Mustache Switchblade Comb: The perfect tool to tame your ‘stache
  • Mustache Elixir Energy Drink: This drink may not put hair on your upper lip but will wake you up
  • I Love Mustache Mints: Feed your passion for mustaches


From time to time we may need to substitute an item (or a few) in one of our gift boxes. Any substitutions will be of equal or greater value and will embody the clever or unique vibe of that gift box.