St. Patrick's Pub Snacks Gift Bundle


Nothing like snacking on bacon while you drink down that pint of green beer! And with this Pub Snack Bundle, you get bacon brittle, pecan bacon snacks, maple bacon pretzels; Jalapeno pickles to add to your Bloody Mary and bacon flavored dental floss for after the snacking. Bring your treats into the pub and create a drinking game involving bacon. Why? Because bacon makes everything more fun. And if you bring bacon snacks into the pub, you'll be everyone's best friend. Even if you're not Irish or forget to wear green. Although don't blame us if you get pinched. You should know better; being a swine fan and all. So get lucky at the pub with your friend, Bacon! This Bundle Includes: Rocco's Private Reserve Salt & Pepper Pickles Bacon Freak "Piglets" Pecan Bacon Snack Boss Hog's Bacon Brittle Boss Hog's Maple Bacon Pretzels